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  1. They work on other ports, too. Put "AXON_IP_ADDRESS:AXON_PORT" in SIP Server box. E.g.
  2. Did you create external line and extensions in Axon?
  3. Try changing local sip port on the 101 to whatever you like, let's say 5070 if Axon is on 5060. I found this was an issue, sometimes. Remove STUN server.
  4. Maybe my reply to the "AXON & FXO (SPA3000)" thread could help you out.
  5. My 3102 works fine with the latest firmware. You can download my configuration from this link: http://test.ct-x.net/franco/spa3102.zip To load it in your 3102, open the html file with a text editor and change "<FORM action=asipura.spa" with "<FORM action=http://your_sipura_ip_address/admin/asipura.spa", save the html file and click Submit Configuration. The "Regional" tab has Italian settings, but everything works with default settings, too. You can change tones depending on your country, if you want. You should also check the "PSTN Line" tab, International Control, because it may di
  6. francoz


    Any firewall on your server or router?
  7. You must save data in a txt file and then use Data Import function in Excel. This is OT, anyway, yours is an Excel related problem...
  8. IP calls will go to Axon server and from Axon server to the Internet, so they will not interfere with your standard network traffic. Obviously, the Axon machine must use a different gateway than LAN PCs.
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