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  1. Thanks for the info, I can shorten the descriptions if it only shows an item from that supplier. I will submit a request now .
  2. That's the one yes. The description box is way to small. Can this be increased to show more characters? Also if I select a certain supplier, I would have thought it would only show the items that were from that supplier, instead it shows all items no matter which supplier. Otherwise when adding the inventory it seems a bit pointless adding which supplier we buy from. Thanks
  3. I dont have permission to open that attachment? Its the 'Description' of an item that is too small when creating an order, i can only see a short piece of it. If I have similar items its hard to tell what is what.
  4. I have recently installed this software on a local newtork server which we can connect to via the Web Access. However we have found that using the Web Access when adding orders, the description field is too small so you cant read the description of the item, only the first few words. Is there a way of sharing the info to other users from the server using the software rather than Web Access? With the software view you get a much better layout. Failing the above, can I edit the web layout to give a larger view?
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