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  1. I've recently purchased SoundTap Streaming audio recording and am having problems recording . When I start recordings I don't get a countdown and no soundwaves. I've tested my Windows Sound using the Windows Sound system and it works using a Youtube performance and also with a direct attached microphone. both work fine. I've also installed the Wave Recording and tested from YouTube and microphone and on that application all works fine. But, on the SoundTap application....no go. I've set the SoundTap options to both WAV and MP3...and, also to default, LineIN and Microphone all sepa
  2. just puirchased Soundtap Audio Streaming Recorder. I don't see a User Guide. I launched the recorder and oened a Youtube site and I can see the audio bar moving. I even connected a microphone and also see the audio bar for the microphone working BUT....when I click stat recording.....the timer does not count down and so no recording exists. What am I doing wrong?
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