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  1. A-ha! Maybe that's it. I just downloaded version 4.34 Intel Unlicensed Basic Free Version. I don't know which version I was using for my evaluation.
  2. Found it! Maybe it's a difference between Mac and PC. I'm on a Mac, and this is where I found it: Go to Preferences (either the gear icon, or from the Mac menu bar. Preferences>Invoice>Invoice Text Then using the drop down menu next to "Invoice text items" you can select the item you need to change, and change it. There really is no Preferences>Invoice Layout>Content -- at least on the version of ExpressInvoices on my Mac. But there is, after "unfocussing" my literal "following-of-orders", Preferences>Invoice>Invoice Text.
  3. Problem is, now that my trial period has expired, I can't test anyone's "solutions". I was having the same difficulty as Jeaniet -- there was not a Preferences>Invoice Layout>Content with a dropdown menu option. So I guess I'm removing the trial version, and will continue using Moon Invoice on my iPad and Macs.
  4. Yes, thank you, but it's the heading at the top of the column that I'm not able to change. Having it say "Hrs" when I want it to say "Qty" doesn't give me much of a chance to be creative in my description. It makes the otherwise professional-looking invoice look stupid. Right now, the "Hrs" heading is only appropriate to "Hrs". I want to change the heading. Any ideas?
  5. How does one change the units from hours to pieces. I need to be able to charge for both.
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