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  1. Admin, were you able to pass my questions along to tech support? Thank you, Charlie
  2. I tried that and this is what I got: [screen shot] The image didn't post, but it said: "To get support, please buy the software now and take advantage of our 14 day refund policy. ... Do you want to take advantage of this risk free offer to get support?" Not gonna happen! While you're here, I'll go ahead and show you the problems I had. 1. When I back up my C drive, I get these errors and the backup fails: 00:01:00 Job "Drive C" started. 00:25:44 Unable to back up file to "J:\Charlie Backup\Charlie C\FileFortBackup_Drive C-0.mirror\home\charlien\temp\FileFort-2128-1\_FF_Zip_Cata
  3. I am evaluating FileFort as a possible replacement for my current backup software. I plan to buy FileFort Plus, but only if the problems I have run into can be addressed. However, before I can even contact support they want me to buy the software on a 14 day money back trial. I am not willing to do this, as the free version I'm testing fails backing up my C drive. Am I being unreasonable? If anyone from NCH management or tech support is following this forum, please respond. Thanks, Charlie Noah
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