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    Sipura 3102

    Ok here's a summary of what I have achieved so far: Linked the SPA3102 to Axon Configured the FXS port to a handset registered with axon configured the FXO port with axon Can dial out fine - no problems Can dial in - problems occuring Caller dials in and asks to dial extension number or switchboard e.g 100 call is then blind transfered to that extension which rings for 2 seconds and then silence appears until the person is cut off In IVM this is the log of what is happening: 10:49:28 Answering call... 10:49:28 Answered line [1 "VoIP Call Attendant"] call number [324] c
  2. Sorry to be a pain again but could you provide me with some instructions on how to do this? Thankyou Adam
  3. Thanks Anuj I'll have a play around with it this evening! I did have another problem but can't remember it anymore, so it couldnt have been that big an issue Adam
  4. Hi guy's sort of another problem, Call comes into gateway and is redirected to Axon, rings destination but then gets cut off after an x amount of rings, how can you get the call to goto the voicemail on external calls coming into axon as internal voicemail works fine. Adam
  5. Excellent! Thanks Pythonpoole Adam
  6. Thanks Henry! I have got my 3102 working like this with axon through your instructions and alot of pulled hair! I only have a slight niggle though, the FXS1 line rings once when a call comes in on my phone line then its diverted to my pbx like it should, does any one have any ideas on how you can stop the FXS1 handset ringing initially when the call comes through? Adam
  7. Hi Alab I'm also having the same problem!! Have you worked out a solution for this yet? Or has anyone else had this problem and found a work-around?
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