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  1. Is any progress, I use Olympus Audio SDK for conversion it's working on file dictated through Olympus if dictated through Philips it's fail. Still i'm waiting about NCH Switch for Server OS?
  2. Hi Admin, is sound card must be installed on machine or without sound card installation it will work?
  3. Is Sound Card must be installed on machine to work Switch Sound Converter to convert audio with command line argument?
  4. Thanks N_C_H_joshb for reply. If I would like to automate switch command line in web site that is running on Windows Server 2008, It's not possible? is NCH switch Team working on it to make compatible for Windows 2008 Server?
  5. Hi Switch command line works fine on Windows 7 but when i deployed on server Windows 2008 code do nothing... Best Regards, Adeel Saleem
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