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  1. Are trying access Inventoria through the web client or application. If the web client you have to make sure the web server is running.
  2. Inventoria is acting as a web server so yes it does have to be running to access it through the web.
  3. Hi Rob, A bit technical but this is part of the Inventoria is making multiple calls to IRP_MJ_DIRECTORY_CONTROL within a matter of a second. RP_MJ_DIRECTORY_CONTROL is being called with “NotifyChangeDirectory” which Microsoft defines as “Indicates a request for notification of changes to the directory. Usually, instead of satisfying this request immediately, the file system driver holds the IRP in a private queue. When a change occurs to the directory, the file system driver performs the notification, and dequeues and completes the IRP.” Inventoria only needs to make a SINGLE request f
  4. Hi HCE and skiman1, , HCE: As Inventoria eats up non-paged memory, every other program will have less memory to work with; if left running Inventoria will hang Windows. Windows need non-paged memory to swap memory, switch task, etc, once the non-paged memory is gone so is Windows. As Windows starts to run out of memory, Windows will start swapping memory to disk and that will slow things down! There is a new version of Inventoria but the bug seems to remain. skiman1j: My discussion is about the Windows versions of the software and not MAC, sorry I can't help. Gunner
  5. I played around with this but gave up because of time, but if someone else wants to play around with it, see http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/21615-express-accounts-between-2-computers/page__hl__gunner#entry49867 and scroll sown to my comment and issues. Gunner
  6. Hi Rob, There is a major bug in Inventoria that actually causes my computer to hang after about a day and a half of Inventoria up time, After about a day and a half, Inventoria uses up all the computer's free non-paged memory (I have reported this bug and what is causing it. #ZZW-66132-864), and my computer basically stops working. This bug is worst when you have more items, it uses up the memory faster. I am a C/C++ Programmer with lots of experience in low-level Operating System stuff, and I actually told NCH what was causing it and where to look for the bug, yet the new version still
  7. Hi HCE and xpert trailer, I don’t know if this is the cause of your problems, but I have found a bug in Inventoria that could cause some of the issues that you are experiencing. Inventoria has a memory leak that will use up all the free nonpaged memory pool. When the nonpaged pool is exhausted you will experience major delay as xpert has experienced and EI and Inventoria sync will fail because Inventoria will time out. I have reported this bug, and even told them where to find the bug (I am actually a C++/Assembler Programmer). The bug has to do with the way Inventoria monitors changes to
  8. Hi fynearts, I maybe able to help, I started looking at writing a program to export to prestashop online sales so I can keep the inventory (1000+ items) in sync between prestashop and inventoria. There is a big but, my time is limited and Inventoria has a major bug that cause my computer to hang after about a day and a half of Inventoria up time, After about a day and a half, Inventoria uses up all the computer's free nopaged memory (I have reported this bug and what is causing it. #ZZW-66132-864), and my computer basically stops working. I am waiting to see what NCH does on the nonpaged
  9. I don't know about the Mac version but the PC version has a memory leak, in Process Explorer I can watch the nonpaged pool memory going up by the second. If I leave inventoria running for any length of time my PC begins to do some major page swappping. That will result in some major response time issues.
  10. What version are you using, Windows or Mac? I am using Windows and the file for Inventoria are located in a subdirectory off of the hide directory C:\ProgramData in C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\Inventoria. Before you do anything backup the files, in Tools Menu. First try reinstalling the software, the executable may have been corrupted. If that doesn't work, try restoring the data from the last backup that seemed to work, the newer data maybe corrupt and the program can't handle the corrupt data and crashes. There are other things that you can try but they are extremely technical.
  11. Thanks for the help Teri,I think I may have figured it out, I have to try another PO make sure it is working. It had to do with the order I did things in. As for the updating across EA, EI and Inventoria, it appears as if with any new object such as an item, supplier, customer, etc, a new file is created on disk in their corresponding directories. I might be able to reverse engineer the file structures, and monitor all the directories for changes. So if there are any new, modified or deleted objects in one applications, I could have my monitoring application update the object in the oth
  12. Hi Teri, Sorry, for being a bit vague in my description, I am trying to load in the initial inventory through purchase orders, accounts payable and the payment. This process should load the numbers from the initial purchase orders into Inventoria, which it does but all negatives. I purchased Express Invoices today, I actually wanted the Inventory and the Invoice components, the accounting stuff was to be a bonus but it seems to be more of a problem than a bonus. Gunner
  13. Hi Teri, I have EI (Trial Windows) but EA (Full) does allow you to force an update but I did notice that after completing transaction an update was sent to inventoria (Full), realtime. The only problem is I still get negative inventory. It looks like inventory is managed by Inventoria. I am not sure if I am entering things correctly or if EA and/or Inventoria is broken. This accounting and the way accounts are credit and debit sometimes seems backwards. Am I creditting or debitting the right account. Express Accounting and Inventoria should have better tutorial because they are proba
  14. I have a similar problem, but I am using Express Accounting, I am a IT person so I think this accounting math is a bit strange. I create a purchase order, pay for it, the bank account go down by the correct amount, both sides seem to balance but the Inventory in Inventoria gets negative quantities for the items purchase. What am I doing wrong? Gunner
  15. There seems to be a problem with both the Web Access and the Express Accounting and Inventoria link. My guess is that the web services use the localhost IP to connect to the files rather than the network drives IP. I'll have to check into it. Gunner
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