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  1. Well, it is definitely a "fade" in that I can hear the audio volume gradually decrease over the 1 second span. This fade behavior is not present in the source. I cannot see a black line sloping down on the timeline, and the fade behavior is not present when previewing the video. It appears that the fade is added during the export process. I am exporting to .MP4.
  2. I've noticed that every video file that I export contains an audio fade out, which is automatically added by the software and is about 1 second long. This is not desired. How do I prevent the software from adding this fade out upon export? Jeff
  3. Hey guys, thanks. I actually got the "Border" edit to work. It seems as though you have to add the border to the clip BEFORE you add the clip to the sequence. If you add the border to the clip after it has already been added to the sequence, the border does not get inherited. I'm not sure if that's intended functionality, but it seems strange. Jeff
  4. I have figured out how to add a picture in picture (smaller video playing within a larger main video. However, both videos are dark, and I would like to add a thin, light-colored border around the smaller video in order to create a contrast between that smaller embedded video and the main larger video. I've successfully added a border to the clip, but it doesn't seem to translate to that border being part of the PiP. As an alternative, I thought about adding a separate empty rectangle around the PiP or a full rectangle behind the PiP in order to "fudge" a border, but I'm not sure how to do that either. Can anyone help? Jeff
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