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  1. I successully imported inventory data from Inventoria, but when I open my Balance Sheet the Account 1310 Inventory apears in "zero" what do I have to do to vinculate Account number 1310 to imported items' data?
  2. Ok Second question answer is avalabe here - http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/14846-invoice-numbers-questions/page__hl__%2Binvoice+%2Bnumbers+%2Bquestions - Now I need to find the answer to the first one. Regards,
  3. Hello from Nicaragua: I'm on the Nicaraguan "IRS" approbation process of Express Invoice's and they have 2 concerns. How can I obtain a report of deleted invoces? Invoices start with the number 10000 instead of number one, I it seems think they are afraid we can make 9,999 invoices before the First One, what should I do? Regards,
  4. Hi Everybody! Here is how you can Export Reports as CVS file. Saludos
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