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  1. Newbie but oldie question, what happened to the 'save as new clip' button. I bought Videopad a while back and there was a button to save any new clip I created individually, then I noticed it disappeared when I reinstalled the software or upgraded, I can't remember which. Is there a way to save a clip in the sequence to disk? This was a useful option while cutting a video. Thanks.
  2. Yep same thing bsweetcan, soon as I registered. Thanks admin support, I will do the support ticket.
  3. I noticed it with adding a folder too. My image files come from NCH VideoPad after I export a video snippet as an image sequence. The file names are just numbers, but numbers in order 000001 000002 etc. I've tried renaming images as 1,2,3 and still no good. Very odd!
  4. Just paid for the program, and suddenly when I select more than file to be added to the sequence/project, it loads my pics in reverse order than in my folder. Didn't do this in the trial/demo version. Frustrating since my project contains frame by frame images. Can anyone explain how to fix this please??? Gah.
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