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  1. I've uploaded this onto youtube. There's no sound in case you wonder. It's exported as a mov>H264>30fps but the details in file properties show it as 25fps and it's significantly faster than it should. http://youtu.be/koVyVTR875w Highly appreciate your help on this.
  2. I'm having the same problem here. I'm using v3.72. I Rendered file in 30fps, but the properties>details section shows it as 21fps and it does not play at the desired speed. I've tried re-exporting it using Qicktime pro, but no luck! I might need a refund
  3. Thanks Nat, I will suggest this to NCH, i think this would make things easier for people who prefer working with frame numbers. But like you said it could slow the software down and the best thing about it is the speed at which it performs at the moment. I don't use it for very complex editing, mostly animation line up with audio and fades. But the issue begins when the audio used in the animation software is offset by a few frames and when we need to fade in and fade out at different frame values. Never the less I love using it as it does everything i need to make a decent demo of my work without having to faff about for too long like i would in premier. Thanks for looking into this for me Nat Harry
  4. Thanks for the reply Guys. Borate, i've downloaded v3.72, and it's great! So, i'm guessing there isn't a way to export uncompressed videos then? Nat, I don't mean displaying frames on the timeline, On the top where the red cursor line moves (where it's marked 0:00:00:00) i want to change that to display frame numbers instead - 1,2,3,.... Is there a way to do that? Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm finally getting a hang of VideoPad, but i have a few queries and i'm sure once identified this will be THE SOFTWARE for me I'm looking for a way to change the timeline display to "frames" instead of the default "time" display. I could not find the hotkeys to move frame by frame on the timeline, is there a way to do so or to change/set hotkeys? It's quite straight forward getting to export the videos, but i couldn't find a way to export Uncompressed videos. Can this be done in the home edition, if not is it available in the Masters edition? It's not clear to me what are all feature available in the Masters edition... all that is mentioned on the site is this: "The "Master's Edition" registration has all features - unlimited audio tracks and plugins. You can use a single installation of VideoPad (on a single computer) without restrictions." Thanks in advance, HarryG.
  6. Thanks Borate for pointing me to the latest version.... much appreciated! I played around and figured out this version has exactly what i'm looking for. In the media area>right click and add images as clip. That opens a seperate window where i can set the frame rate and select the files to import. Borate, you're a STAR! Cheers! I forgot to mention that you can also import .psd files
  7. Hi, I've been using an older version of videopad (v2.something - can't remember), and i must say i am very happy with the ouptut quality. However i have run into a brick wall and i need some advice. I am an animator and i ususally render my shots in TGA format to create an image sequence of my animation. Is there a way i could import an image sequence as a clip into VideoPad? The current version i have is incapable of doing that and before i purchased the new version i wanted to ask around. I have done this Adobe Premier ages ago, but i've lost touch with that software and VideoPad seems a lot easier to use. Also before i go, what is the latest version of VideoPad out at moment? Thanks, HarryG.
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