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  1. After several attempts to remedy this problem working with NCH Tech support, the only thing that worked was uninstalling the latest version of Debut and going back to the version I've used for years without any problems (version 1.68). I hope NCH will address and fix the bugs in this program.
  2. clemenzina - I've used Debut since 2012 and never had issues like this. This latest version freezes every time I use it...freezes the whole system. And the recordings are terrible.
  3. Is there any way I could get an older version (2013-2014) and install it without having to purchase yet another license? I never had these issues with that older version of Debut.
  4. Thank-you. I have replied and hope to find an answer. Edited: I received a pop-up asking me how I like Debut. I was able to send a bug report. It then directed me to the latest update, version 2.26. I was able to install that update but the lagging recordings and freeze-ups are still happening on both the laptop and my desktop.
  5. I November 2015 I purchased a new Debut license to install on my laptop. The recordings were laggy and the program constantly froze when I stopped recording, bringing up the 'Not Responding' warning. It would freeze up the computer to where I had to shut it down because I couldn't even bring up the Task Manager to 'End Task' on Debut. I figured the laptop just couldn't handle the program and bought a new 'High Performance' laptop. Unfortunately, I have the same results of poor, jerky recordings on the new laptop but it hasn't frozen up yet. (Have only had the new laptop for 3 days.)
  6. Thank-you bryang. I'll give it a try and let you know what happens. Edited to Add: By George, it worked! I've been trying to figure this out, off and on, for months! Thanks so much bryang!
  7. Hey clemenzina ~ a fellow eagleholic? I saw that thread after posting my original question. I posted what I had experienced using Debut's built in timer. I've tried it several times but always had the same results. It would be anywhere from 10-20 minutes behind.
  8. I've tried this but the time in Debut is off by 10-20 minutes. Any ideas how to fix that?
  9. I guess this forum isn't very active. Does anyone know where I can find an answer to my question?
  10. Record in .mp4 format rather than .avi format. At the bottom left of the Debut start screen look for 'Record Screen As' . Click the down arrow and choose mp4.
  11. Hello All ~ I've been using Debut Professional for a few years to record streaming video of live eagles' nests. I would like to be able to also record a real-time clock but every desktop clock I've tried is not captured during the recording process. I've seen it done on others' recordings but I can't figure out how they do it. Here's an example: Anyone know how this is done? Thanks in advance.
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