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  1. Just wanted to add that I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling and still the problem exists. The icon for Express Scribe appears in the task bar at the bottom toolbar but it doesn't actually open. I now have four icons showing Express Scribe but it isn't accessible or usable. It's the only software I have for transcription so today I won't be working until this gets resolved. I have never had a problem with this software before.
  2. I have the pro version of Express Scribe and up until today have not had any problems. However, today I cannot get the program to launch on my PC - it just hangs. I can't stop it from trying to access the program (by cntrl, alt, delete) or try launching it again (from desktop icon or program list). I am totally stuck and unable to do my work. Any help PLEASE!
  3. Could you please send me the macro to enquiries@deewp.co.uk - thank you.
  4. When the next software upgrade/change takes place, I'd like to suggest that you include a feature to add ones own notes. I would like to add a note next to an uploaded file to remind me when it needs to be completed by, at the moment you only have the option to add notes about time, sender's name etc. Thanks. Dee Briston - DeeWP & Audiosec Limited
  5. I've downloaded the new version of Express Scribe onto another PC. I've loaded two WMA files that have not only loaded as 23 minutes (should be 46 minutes) and 28 minutes (should be 57 minutes) but are also playing at double speed so you can't understand anything. I much preferred the old system I'm still using on my other PC ... what has happened?? How come I can't just load them and play them ... it was simplicity itself last time!!
  6. I have been sent what is supposed to an audio file for me to transcribe, but it has a file extension of wma.skf and I've never come across that before. An exhaustive search using Google has got me nowhere fast. Can anyone help please? I've gone back to the client and asked them to send me the file in a different format that my system supports but I would rather have a bit more information rather than just forget it - I might come across this again or be able to help someone else if I have the information myself. Cheers everyone.
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