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  1. That is a very good question. How do you clear the list? By the way. I looked at other posts. Nobody responds to any posts for PhotoPad questions. Are you and I the only two people that use Photopad?
  2. How do I resize an image by percentage in V 2.58. I click on Resize. I check Keep Aspect Ratio. I select Percentage. I type in a number for the Width. Nothing changes in the Height box so I enter the same number for Height. The image does not resize. There is no Apply button so I press Enter. Nothing. I press the Tab key a few times. Nothing. The image does not resize.
  3. How do I rotate an image 358 degrees clockwise or 2 degrees counterclockwise? If I enter 358 in the Rotation box, nothing happens. If I try to click the down arrow in the text box, nothing happens. I am running 2.58. Thanks...
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