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  1. I see in Preferences>Other an option to save csv files for use in Excel. Where are those files found? I´ve been searching my hard drive (Mac, both in the app package and in the Library files for NHC, and I can't find them - all I see are .dat files) Or is there an export option I am missing?
  2. Browsing though the forums I understood there are features that no longer work after the 14 days trial period, but I do not see any list of those features. Where can I find out?
  3. Yes it does! Thanks a lot! I was wondering if it was a bug to report! I'm glad to find out it isn't.
  4. Yesterday I downloaded the trial version, and I have been enthusiastically entering data from my last invoices, about 93 entries (or so it reports) I have generated an Invoices report and Items Sales report, and each gives me different amounts (Invoices reports 292 in sales, Items Sales reports 272). It is really aggravating. Since ours is a small family business, this is my first attempt at keeping tabs of our business on a computer, and all the Excel, Numbers, Calc templates I can find only give me the option of writing a single invoice or of keeping budgets, (there is a big accounting template but since I don't know zilch about accounting, I can't make head or tails out of it). Making invoices is not my problem (I can still do that by hand, and since this is in Venezuela I would have have to use special formats that are overseen by our tax authorities) This has been the only (readily made) option I have found to keep tabs of the sales, clients, and so on, but it is next to useless if the numbers don´t add up. I have wondered if this is due to the fact that I´m on trial. I definitely cannot spend the money on the basis of a possible refund, since the currency exchange controls make it next to impossible for NHC to send me back my dollars (we are allowed to buy only 300 dollars a year for Internet transactions). I would consider buying it, but only if it minimally works. If not, I will continue searching for other solutions. (BTW, I don't see anywhere a list of what features I would have with an upgrade, or what features I would lose with the 14 day free trial. That really puts a big damper on spending anymore time introducing data). I'd appreciate any help. Gabita
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