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  1. Thanks Teri (NCH should hire you for support!) Internal use: for our own use...not for our guests. I need to print an invoice when the guest checks out. I have a seperate system for the credit card payments. The statements look like statements and in no way could be used as customer invoices... I can't fix the 1 cent problem since I have to show the "without taxes" price on the invoice and then EI automatically calculates the final price. It just doesn't round correctly. I've tried everything so EI is going to have to go.
  2. ...and I posted another topic on the rounding off of the taxes...I'm ofter 1 cent off the correct final price...and I can't fix it... this is not goin too well so far...
  3. It's for a small hotel (I'm in France), the guests' hotel bill need to show how and when he paid...
  4. OK, but the method of payment and its date need to appear on the invoice that I give to the customer. The statement that you are talking about is for internal use.
  5. Hi, My total amount should be 75,95 but I end up at 75,96. My item prices are entered without tax and EI has to calculate then add a 10% tax (France), it is not rounding up or down correctly. I've tried changing the prices to no avail. I'll have to throw this software out if I can't fix this...
  6. Nope, does not change anything by running a statement. Am I going to have to detail manually the payments in the comments section of the invoice??? Wow, I would have thought this would have been basic...all it needs is to retrieve the info from the payments section!
  7. Even though I may have multiple payments at different dates, which NEED to be listed with date and method of payment on the final invoice, all that is shown is "Paid xx.xx" How do I get all the different payments, or at least the method of payment (credit card or cash...), to show up on the final invoice? Thanks
  8. I would like my invoice to show, in 2 columns, the item price without tax and then with tax. Is there a way to do this? Thanks
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