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  1. i use express invoice and i'm having problems with el capitan
  2. hi, I've had the same problem, what you can do is either back up the program then once on a usb open up the folders and find the invoice folder and delete old invoices once you've do this open express invoice and restore for the amended usb. or you can open express invoice first thing in the morning and click on invoices the page will open and then take a while to let you do something like look at this week or yesterday but once this has run its coarse the system should work normally all day. hope this helps it's not ideal but it works
  3. hi, new to forum hope someone can help. i first started using express invoice about a year ago on a pc running windows 7 what a nice change from sage. i then got into macs and had to purchase a new version for that, although it has to be said i was able to back up from my pc and upload all info on to the mac version 4.10 very handy. the problem with the mac version 4.10 is that it's slightly different main problem is they have brought in an add item button which takes forever when serving someone so i'm forced to still using the windows 3.87 version to serve. recently bought another mac this one for serving customers and had to once again buy the software this time got version 4.13 what a nightmare uploaded all records etc no problem but just can't get it to print off and invoice it just prints the middle part of the page. contacted NCH only to be told they are aware of the problem and gave a link to version 4.10. What i would like is a link to an older version of 3.87 for mac something without the add item button any ideas welcome thanks
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