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  1. Hallo, what can I do: EX v 3.59 takes very long time to open the database (customers, invoices), what could this be?? There are 7600 invoices and over 6000 customers ... I have the feeiling the more customers the more slower is the programm is that right? What can I do ???? Thank you Best regards
  2. Hallo. I´ve done it.. all invoice changed as you said (there are many ...) it was ok, but then the endprice looks like this: for example: 21,987 Euro - this is NOT fine! nobody has got invoices like that !!! So I change it back! I thing no of the old invoices were damage by this changes... the fact is, if I want the price o a product netto, I need to make it manually hoping that it will round exactly (to work with 0,000 is not a option) ((
  3. in the Country Config I found something like: Valutaposition $18.00 - there is an option to change to $18.000 ! 1) Will this slove my problem?? 2) if I set this there comes a warning that all valutas of all my invoices will be damage!! ??? What will be with the invoices? I have several hundert of them....
  4. I was to fast happy... now I got the problem here: Product1 199,99 inkl tax (excl i set to 168,06) + Product2 incl 49,90 (excl I set to 41,93) - now the whole payment is 249,88 !!! But the custumer paid via PayPal 249,89 !!! If I set product 1 to 168,06 the programm make whole price 249,90 NOT 249,89 !!! What can I do?? Is there a possibility to set the Tax Config with more then 2 numers after the comma????:
  5. That was it THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!! Best regards
  6. If I change in the preferences "Products has got tax in it" to NO, the endprice will be also showing WITHOUT tax, but I need it to be shown INCLUDING TAX, only the product prices should be shown WITHOUT tax! How can I get this view : Product price 8,40 Euro ____________________ 19% 1,60 Euro TOTAL: 10,00 Euro ??? Thank you!
  7. Hallo, maybe I describe it not very good: the prices in the below are ok 7 + 2.25 = 9.25 (this is the correct endprice including tax!) I need to show prices WITHOUT tax in the products view - in that case it should look like this: 5x Product 1 = 0.42 - 2.10 (price without tax) 1x Product 2 = 5.88 - 5.88 (price without tax) __________ Summe: 7,98 tax 7%: 0.15 tax 19%: 1,12 All: 9,25 When I change the price of the product (to the price without tax), so in the end I do not get 9.25! Thank you
  8. Hallo Community, how can I show single products in my invoice excluding tax .. the tax should be only disappear in the end of the invoice. The single products should shown only price without taxas. Now they are shown incl taxes and in the whole price at the end of the invoice there is the whole price without and within tax shown. Can you help?? Thank you! Regards
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