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  1. Thanks, Nat! This works pretty darned well!
  2. OK, but that doesn't answer about the tab at the top. This seems to imply either being on the "Home" tab or the "Sequence" tab. Clicking on a split where two clips are butted up against one another will join them if they are a single clip that had a split introduced. For example, if you took a 10min clip and split it into two pieces, clicking the split (when double-headed) will join them back together. This is not the case for two unique clips that are adjacent on a split. I can take a video of this behavior if you like. I'm with you there. Still with you. It actually doesn't solve or assist the problem at all. What I need to do is adjust the clip's position in the timeline frame by frame, not the length of the clip. I already have split the clip down to a segment that is the proper length, but I am trying to line that video up with a different audio track, which requires moving the clip's position in the timeline. I could possibly achieve the same effect by manipulating the in/out of the clip, but that seems waaaaaay harder. In any other program you would click something and then simply hit left/right to move it left/right (Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, Impress, etc)... seems odd you can't do this.
  3. I don't really understand your instructions. What mode is this performed in? Clip? Sequence? Home? What is the "PV" window? Split points are only visible in the timeline. Clicking on a split in a clip will combine the two sides of the clip into one (removes the split). Scrubber? Split icon? Clicking the "IN" or "OUT" button changes the in/out position of the clip in reference to itself. In other words, clicking on a 10min clip's timeline at 2min and hitting "IN" will make the clip start at the 2 minute mark. It doesn't appear to affect the clip in the timeline. Or are you suggesting that I need to work with a "copy" of every clip I want to use if I'm not using the whole portion of it? I have been placing entire clips on the timeline and then splitting/deleting the portions I don't want to use.
  4. I'm working with a bunch of tracks from different cameras (same scene filmed from different angles) and trying to line them up perfectly. The easiest way to do this seems to be to be to line up the audio from both sources as close as possible, and then the video would be aligned. In other words, if you had two video clips from two cameras that recorded the same event (Joe says "mary had a little lamb"), if you stack the clips in tracks so that the audio matches perfectly, the video therefore matches perfectly. I cannot for the life of me seem to figure out a way to move the clip in a track by a single frame / change its start time by a specific amount. If I click on the "current" time in the sequence preview I can specify a specific time to move my cursor to. If I then select the clip in the "Video Files" list I can set a start/end point for that specific clip and use the "green down arrow" to place the clip in the sequence, using the "Overlay on Sequence at Cursor" option. But having to do that procedure (click time, choose time for cursor, select clip, click green arrow, click ok) and then hit play to judge the audio is a hugely frustrating pain in the butt. If I click on a clip in a track, I expect to be able to press the left/right arrow key and nudge the track left or right. I can find no way to move a track using the keyboard. I can drag with the mouse, but attempting to do that with any kind of precision is almost impossible. Is there really no way to nudge a clip in a track in a sequence one frame at a time???
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