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  1. Hi all I am using Express Invoice 4.53 Intel for Mac. I recently discovered that i have been incorrectly capturing my payments. I went into the payments screen and deleted all the payments. I confirmed tis by running a payments report it is blank. I problem is have however is that the payments are still allocated to the invoices and i cannot figure out a way to remove them, except to the edit each and every DAT file. I see you can import invoices, if there was the ability to export the invoices that would have worked. Any suggestions as my clients are refusing to settle their accounts until i have generated statements for them, and i cannot do this until i have captured the payments :-( Many thanks, Graeme
  2. I need to change the invoice numbers on some invoices already created. There doesn't seem to be any functionality in Express Invoice to allow editing of numbers? Can I use phpmyadmin or something similar to get it the database, and change them there? Where does the MySQL database sit on the Mac version? I am at the point of needing to capture payments, but do not want to do this until the invoice numbers have been changed, so rather urgent. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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