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  1. Hey, Sometimes my videos suffer from "micro-stuttering" and was wondering if there was any way while going through a video frame-by-frame to delete those stuttering frames. As far as I can tell the only way to edit videos is through segments where you pick a start and end point but maybe I'm missing something. Thanks for any help or clarification offered.
  2. Ok... I pretty much suspected that would be the case. Thanks for the clarification, regardless.
  3. "occasionally my computer crashes in the middle of a recording" Is it only crashing when using Debut? No... my Laptop (while still relatively powerful) is older-ish at this point and in prone to the random crash regardless of what it is I seem to be doing. Pretty sure one of my Hard Drives is faulty, but that's neither here nor there. Thanks for responding...
  4. Hey, As the title implies, occasionally my computer crashes in the middle of a recording. After booting back up, there will be a copy of the recording but since I was unable to end the recording before it crashed I am unable to access it. If I click Play, it will tell me it's converting the video file, but then gives the error message that it couldn't open the file. I suspect that in this case, I'm basically SOL, but if there is a way to recover the file somehow, I would love to hear it. Thanks for any potential help offered.
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