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  1. This is a fantastic product, and I'm glad I purchased it, but I do have one problem with it: I typically import a folder containing 90 JPG images, totaling around 250 Mb, to create a 30 minute slideshow in AVI format. If none of the images in the folder are over 10 Mb, the resulting output AVI will be about 300 Mb in size, which is fine, being not much larger than size of the image collection itself. But if there a even a few images of 10 to 30 Mb in size each, the resulting AVI output file will be over 3 Gb, which is astonishing - and would chew up an unacceptable amount of storage spa
  2. OK, I can't stop the 'scan for a burner' dialog appearing, but I found that if I just cancel it, the 'save' dialog (with my selected output options) will appear straight away, so I can proceed to export my slideshow. So, that's what I do now.
  3. I get the same problem - but only with some picture collections, not others. The error I get is "x264enc5.exe has stopped working". It would be nice if the program could display something more helpful, to indicate the nature of the problem e.g. maybe it doesn't like a particular image file, in which case it would be helpful to know which one. Or maybe the size of the picture collection is too large (mine typically contain 200 images with a total folder size of around 600 MB) - but other collections of similar size work fine. All images are JPG. I add no soundtrack, display each image
  4. Thank you for responding to my question. Yes, the Video Output Setup dialog does open when I choose to save a slideshow. But *before* it opens (i.e. immediately I hit the Save Slideshow button) the application first searches all my hard drives, looking for a burner. Eventually, the dialog will open. This is despite the fact that my default preference for saved files is always set to Computer/Data. Since I have some multi-Terabyte drives on my PC, the search does take some time, and it would be nice if I could get PhotoStage to skip the DVD burner search altogether, unless I were to act
  5. I don't wish to save my slideshows to DVD - just want to save as video files (avi, mp4) on computer and copy to USB. Is there any way to prevent Photostage from running the time-consuming search for a burner before it lets me choose an alternative format? Can I save a given format as a default preference? Thanks. Chris
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