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  1. @ nchdl: Thanks for the advice on checking to see if I have the free version or not. As I said earlier, since I have uninstalled the most up-to-date version of ES and have re-installed one of the older versions, namely 4.35, I am having no problem with playing my voice files or finding them in my computer folders. So, I really don't feel the need to switch back to the newest version again. As to where we are supposed to find on the "About" box whether it says it's the unlicensed basic free version or not, this 4.35 version I'm using does not list whether it's the unlicensed basic free version
  2. Robbye, I managed to uninstall the Pro (trial) version and find a zip file that someone online had had with about 5 or 6 old versions of ES that I could download and install, which I did. Now, I'm not having any problem at all. I'm using version 4.35. The volume is a little inconsistent, but I'm living with it. ;-) If you like, you can send me your e-addy and I can try e-mailing you a copy of the zip file with the old versions that was provided to me. Maybe one of those will help you. :-)
  3. I have used ES transcription software for many years and have always used the free version. I was checking for updates on this program and a box popped up saying that there was an updated version, so I clicked on the button that would start the update. It took me to the general web page for the ES software, but I had to try to search for a download button. Unfortunately, the button I clicked on was the Trial Pro version and not the free version. I didn't know that until I downloaded it and saw the words "Pro (Trial)" on the top of the ES box. What I wanted was the free version only. I have tri
  4. I finally figured it out yesterday. I found out the ideal place to set it at is 400. It's set at just enough words, around 1-1/2, before the new words are heard. As far as being impressed with the player, it works for me most of the time. The only thing that could be better is that sometimes it makes the doctors sound kind of "tinny-sounding." Thanks, Melody and Shannon, for offering your help. Teri
  5. I just downloaded the latest version of Express Scribe (v. 4.15) this morning. While transcribing a report a little while ago, I noticed that I needed to re-set the "auto-backstep on stop" for my footpedal. Unfortunately, no matter how high of a number I put in the auto-backstep box, I found that it did not rewind the voice file at all. It just starts up where the last word left off. I just want it to rewind back to a word or two from where I left off. What am I doing wrong?
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