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  1. second update: after talking with a friend of mine I think I might have caused the problem because during the evening I turned on a TV that's connected to the same power strip as my computer and that could be what caused the "electrical interference static" that's on those later recordings. Does that make sense? However, the sound was fine that I was listening to live. Why would the sound be OK listening through my speakers but not good being recorded by SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder? I sure would like to clean those 8 files, if possible. Thanks.
  2. UPDATE: as I listened to several of the first 17 files I thought were perfect, on a couple of the files during soft musical passages I can hear some of the "static" that's on the final 8 files, but it's not anywhere near as loud, pervasive or annoying.
  3. I installed Wavepad yesterday without problems. I wanted to record the audio portion of a streaming video. The broadcast lasted several hours. There were 25 musical groups performing so I created a file, chose .mp3 and recorded each group as a separate file. The first 17 recordings are great. The last 8 all have some noise. It's not distorted. The VU meters don't show any red. It sounds almost like maybe electrical static, if you know what that means, and it's constant throughout each of the 8 affected files. I tried using the noise reduction feature but nothing works. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks.
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