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  1. Hi there! I enjoy using MixPad, but one detail drives me crazy: While working on a project, the effects that I have added to my tracks, and that are from VST plug-ins, will sometimes "reset" all at once. By "reset" i mean that the settings I have chosen in the effects window will disappear, so that there is no setting. - The "native" effects do not reset ... it's only the effects I have added to MIxPad via VST plug-ins (and all of them at once). - While my chosen settings are "erased", the little box that shows whether the effect is active, remains checked. - The reset does not seem to be linked to anything, such as saving the file or exporting the file. It seems to happen randomly. Have any of you guys had the same problem?
  2. Hi there, guys. How can I remove/avoid excessive background noise when I record my vocals using MixPad? Removal Is there any way to remove noise from a track that you've recorded? I know that another programme, "Audacity", has a feature that removes background noise - you simply highlight some noise, then you tell the programme to recognize it, and then you ask it to remove it from the whole track in question. Does MixPad have a similar feature? Avoidance Of course, removing noise from at track isn't necessary if the recordig is free of background noise in the first place. What kind of setup/gear would be the best way to avoid background noise when recording? Here's my own "setup" as it is right now: A t.bone GM-55 (dynamic) microphone connected directly to a USB-port in my PC with a XLR-to-USB cable. It's very basic, and the amount of background noise this generates in MixPad is pretty horrific. Should I use another kind of cable to connect the mic to the computer? Should I buy another kind of microphone? Should I use a preamp or some sort of software to get rid of the background noise? Any advice is very welcome. Thank you in advance!
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