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  1. I only have a brief moment right now to write this up, I will come back and edit this post, and update it and make it big and nice and complete, but for the meantime, here is the Quick Start Instructions: I personally use the Grandstream Handytone 286, but if you own a 486 or similar adapter, you will find the same principals apply. (The same thing applies to WIFI SIP Phones, except you just change your settings on your phones display LCD) Step 1. Make sure your SIP adapter is already setup and working, and can place normal SIP phone calls. Step 2. Log into your SIP adapter vi
  2. When you install Uplink, you have 2 choices, one requires you to have 2 SIP accounts, and the other uses a PBX deal like asterix, et al... Can someone make a tutorial for both methods? I have a cordless setup using a Grandstream SIP phone adapter, I tried using the 2 SIP accounts methods, and had no luck, I even tried direct IP dialing, to see what would happen, but nada... I have accounts with both FWD and Stanaphone, I have Uplink setup and it was configured with the correct information, and there are *no* errors in the log window of Uplink, it seems to be playing nicely with Skype,
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