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  1. Hi Avonman, the free version allows you to import photos from anywhere no problem. If you are using the same photo but on different products, make yourself a template. Import the photos you want and then save that as 'My Template' or whatever. Then when you want to put the other product details on, use that template.
  2. I read your locked topic. Unfortunately your contact pages are very poor, so what's a guy to do? Perhaps if you just had an EMAIL ADDRESS to send queries to, instead of 92 pages of FAQ's and nothing else. Seems very simple to me.
  3. Hi, Firstly thank you for the free edition of this software. However it is a shame that you have gone the way of Microsoft Media Player and made software that does not work well. First, when you print, there is a checkbox to print outlines as a guide. Good idea, after all its really hard to cut them out without. But they don't print at decent density, and on my printer in quick mode some lines don't print at all! Second, on the CD back, the edge sections have the guide lines in the wrong place. And I can't find an easy way to correct this. Extremely annoying. Third, it would be normal to put text in this area, so that you can see what a CD is when they are on the shelf. It can be done, but its is a time consuming process. How about putting text the right size and orientation in there on the template, so all that is needed is to change the text? My ten cents!
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