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  1. Thank you. I installed Golden Videos and have been using it already. After using it, though I came across Debut and was wondering if I would do better purchasing this to copy my tapes. Is Debut a better recording software for video tapes? Or should I just stick with Golden Videos? My question may be more academic now, though. I installed Debut last night from a flash drive. When I tried to record a video, Debut attempted to contact NCH. This computer is permanently offline, and apparently Debut needs to connect before allowing any recording.
  2. Micah0608

    Converting VHS

    I have lots of old VHS tapes that I am trying to back-up to my computer. I am brand new to the capture process and do not know a lot about file formats or quality differences, but I am semi-handy with the computer. My goal is to convert the tapes, and store them on the computer - not for copying, but as a way of preserving them. At first, I first found Golden Videos and started using i, but then I saw Debut. It looks like Debut is sort of an "upgraded" program that does all of Golden Videos plus a whole lot more. Is this correct? Before I make the decision to purchase the program, and before I get very many tapes recorded, I want to make sure I choose the right program. Does anyone know the difference between these program and which would be best for recording video tapes?
  3. I recently installed Golden Videos to replace PowerDirector for converting my VHS tapes to computer. I like the program so far, but I noticed that the mp4 file sizes for Golden Videos are about half that of the MPG files of PD. My concern is that the quality of the MP4 files is lower, but I don't know. I have plenty of disc space and am more interested in quality than space utilization. I don't know much about file types, so that doesn't help.
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