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  1. So… does that mean all my previous VBR0 files are in bad quality?
  2. I just bought WavePad 9.24 and found that VBR MP3 files have a much higher bitrate than they used to have. For example: a CD track that I first had in 164 kbps now gets saved in 254kbps, while the source and settings are the same, I think. I did some comparisons and found that the smaller-sized file has been encoded by LAME 3.82. I then made the new WavePad use LAME 3.82, but the problem persists. What’s going on? I was very happy with the smaller files and don’t want these bigger results.
  3. Hi Alex. Well, I'm using 4.24, but the funny thing is that it used to work perfectly well in the past. It was only after the re-installation that the problem occurred. The hotkey Ctrl+Shift-S works again now (I just had to re-start Windows), but the cursor problem remains.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm sure this is a very stupid question, but I've just been trying one thing after another and can't figure it out, so here goes. I used to have Wavepad 4.24 and was really happy with it. (I don't update because my screenreader - I am blind - has difficulty supporting newer versions, which by the way is not Wavepad's at all.) I used to edit my music without experiencing any problems, until today. I had to re-install Wavepad due to software problems and ever since then, the cursor has been acting up. This is what's going wrong: 1. I open a file in Wavepad. 2. I use the arrow keys to go to a certain point in the file. 3. I press Pause to stop the playback and go to Edit, Mix with File, select my file and press Ok. After the mixing was done, the cursor used to stay at the exact same point, meaning I just had to press Space to listen on and see what the mix sounded like. However, now it keeps going all the way back to the beginning, and I have to find my mix point all over again. What should I do to make the curso stay where I put it in the first place? I looked through all the options but can't find anything. Is this something you need to do with the touchpad? On a sidenote, the Save As hotkey (Ctrl Shift +S) isn't working either anymore, not sure if that's connected to the other problem in some way.
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