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  1. not much help for NCH. I've been looking but I think they only want to help if you pay. It shouldn't be too complicated to burn a dvd. I have a dvd movie I compressed using NCH and then the burner decompressed the file and after several hours said the file was too large. An expensive lesson but I won't be buying any more NCH
  2. I can say I tried one product (sound pad which I like) and bought a suite of products only to say how disappointed I am. I have 2 very new commercial grade computers and have had a couple of crashes along with projects that take so long I can only set them up and walk away for in some cases hours at a time. I also troubled by lots of unhappy customers and employees who are posting on line. This particular board is littered with unanswered questions which leads me to believe the only way t get help is to pay for it or get new software that is easier to use. I had a large file I only wanted to delete commercials in and after watching the self help videos could not for the life of me cut out. I then went to an Elgato Game capture which by the way works fantastic at downloading directly from a PVR or video camera and used it for editing the file. There I could just highlight what I wanted removed and delete. No dragging dropping one line does the cutting. I'm still hopeful there will be a reply to my questions about the Prisim converter but we shall see. I will post my answer should I get one but I doubt Support will answer. If anyone else knows I'd be appreciative of some help. I have and 11.6 MP4 that I want to put on a single DVD which I can play on a DVD player. I need to change the compression settings but yesterday after waiting for 9 hours for this conversion it was just 20% smaller. I need this to be in the 4 g range and with a quality picture and sound still. Any suggestions?
  3. so after waiting hours it finally crashes. I don't have hours to wait. Poor software is more likely
  4. I have the same issue and although my video is huge it should still load. I have a fairly new commercial grade computer with great specs.It just sits idol and took forever just to load.
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