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  1. I've been using VideoPad for a number of years now and while I have some frustrations with it, I still rely on it. But recently I decided to use VP as more than my editing software. I decided to use it as my go-to video recording software. That was a learning curve for sure, and I have made some suggestions to the programmers about the file saving and naming issues with the actual recording interface. My biggest concern is that in the midst of making a series of short - 5 to 7 minute - recordings, several glitches appeared, and I ended up deleting what I thought was a perfectly good
  2. I am about as fed up as one can be with the way VP takes over my laptop. I need to stop the program and I even rebooted my laptop by long pressing the power button. When I logged back in VP was still open and exporting! I call that an invasion of privacy, not to mention just plain wrong not to be able to abort a program.
  3. I do NOT wish to use the webcam while making screenshots - stills or video - and find it extremely disturbing that Debut turns on the webcam and shows my picture as I work. Unprofessional, people! I want to turn the webcam on when I want to, and I want the default set to OFF! Why would you need the webcam on when making screenshots, especially stills?
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