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  1. I've been using VideoPad for a number of years now and while I have some frustrations with it, I still rely on it. But recently I decided to use VP as more than my editing software. I decided to use it as my go-to video recording software. That was a learning curve for sure, and I have made some suggestions to the programmers about the file saving and naming issues with the actual recording interface. My biggest concern is that in the midst of making a series of short - 5 to 7 minute - recordings, several glitches appeared, and I ended up deleting what I thought was a perfectly good webinar because the audio and video were out of sync. This webinar was recorded in VP. I still have to finish it and am scared to change software in the middle of the project, but afterwards I might be looking. I really hate to say that because I am finally getting used to the steps it takes to make a video. Anyway, I was able to correct some of the audio - video out of sync issues, but not 100%. Some of the issues were (mostly) corrected when I stopped using a USB hub for my Logitech camera. I now have both the camera and the Blue Yeti mic plugged directly into SuperSpeed USB ports on my laptop. I even went so far as to use the Windows Task Manager to kill apps to free up memory and CPU. Not that I am overloaded as I have most of that crap disabled on startup. So I run a pretty lean machine. But, I still had a 0.438 second out of sync issue to deal with - which I did, but it's irritating because I can't quite get it exactly on sync. I use a pen to tap my mic and record the audio and video of that happening so that I can visually see when the pen touches and sync that with the audio spike. But I can never get it directly on sync because of the 'snapping' of the tracks to frame/clip ends, etc. I have searched and tried the various techniques like holding Shift, and Alt and so forth. None of those override the snap. Also of note is that I am recording audio and video on the Logitech camera - not a cheap one either - as well as my Yeti. So you would think the video with linked audio would be in sync, but it is not. And it is inconsistent. It seems that after syncing audio with the video at the start they also seem to drift out of sync later in the video, then back closer sync. Before the people at NCH get uppity, I DO have the latest drivers on my machine, and I DO have the latest VideoPad version.
  2. I am about as fed up as one can be with the way VP takes over my laptop. I need to stop the program and I even rebooted my laptop by long pressing the power button. When I logged back in VP was still open and exporting! I call that an invasion of privacy, not to mention just plain wrong not to be able to abort a program.
  3. I do NOT wish to use the webcam while making screenshots - stills or video - and find it extremely disturbing that Debut turns on the webcam and shows my picture as I work. Unprofessional, people! I want to turn the webcam on when I want to, and I want the default set to OFF! Why would you need the webcam on when making screenshots, especially stills?
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