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  1. I've been using Express Accounts for a year now. Some of my customers have unallocated payments on their account. When I next go to invoice, it gives me the option to allocate payment against current invoice. I don't want to do that! How do I allocate it otherwise? Please help. Email becky.latham@postlebury.co.uk
  2. Hi there I have Express Accounts (purchased version) How do I make a contra entry?
  3. GrahamW when I go into my Sales menu, I don't have an option to raise a credit note
  4. I am using Express Accounts (purchased) When applying a payment with more than one invoice, it automatically allocates against the oldest invoices. How do I choose which invoices I want to allocate?
  5. using Express Accounts (purchased), just invoiced in error but can't see how to raise a credit note
  6. Thanks Rob, it shows my income for April as nil, although when I pull up April sales invoices it shows the correct balance, so very odd!
  7. HELP!! I've been using Express Accounts since 1 April 2014 (paid version) but on my home screen the Income and Profit figures have only started updating from 1 May, I'm so confused!
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