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  1. I have created about 20 MEO encrypted folders ranging from 2gb to 6gb. Today I took a few of them off the portable hard drive to decrypt them. Each time I entered the correct password and got the message "decrypting" then a message after a few minutes "all files decrypted." I went to the folder created by the program in the folder I chose and there is nothing inside the folder. It is completely empty in all three cases with three different MEO-encrypted files. I have repeated the process with several of these files.


    I have updated to Maverick OS recently.


    Does anyone have an idea why these huge multi-gigabyte files on the hard drive decrypt down to zero KB every time?


    The information is priceless to me. Any help or suggestion will be followed carefully and I would appreciate any help I can get. It was a huge project to create these encrypted folders and it is quite a shock to find that they are all empty.


    By contrast, the ones I MEO-encrypted on the PC all work fine and decrypt with no problem.


    Thank you for any suggestions.



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