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  1. Hi National! Thanks for the anwser! So... I solved my problem just by removing a 'black blank frame" that I've inserted at the end of the movie... Just it... Dont ask me why VP doesnt like this "blank clip"... I''ve inserted it just to get a black screen at the end. So... I removed it and now it finishes the encoding. Thank God it was easy... I'll try install the 3.29 and also I 'll look for this 2.41 version... just to test the stability... because It's sux when VP crashes during editing. So.. thank you very much! bye bye
  2. Hi everyone! I was a Windows Movie Maker user until get know about VideoPad. I think Videpad is quite good for my needs, then I trying it on my new home video projects. I already did two videos without problems. I was considering buy for the full version but in my last home video, I'm facing a problem. VideoPad crash every 30 minutes... On the error description, says about OPENGL32.DLL error... I tried update my video driver, but its already updateded. It was hard, but I finish the editing work. But now, I'm facing a problem while exporting. It stucks on 99% and then VideoPad frezzes(program "non response"). I'm, exporting a 720p MP4 movie. I already tried other resolutions, but all of them got stucked on 99%. Can I get some help? Thanks. Bye.
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