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  1. Now that I've read the entire thread (I apparently should've done that first) I realized that I skipped a head a couple projects.... I was able to create the gable ends of the home design before attempting the porch design. It's been too long so I don't remember how I connected the dots on that one but I do seem to remember not running into failure until trying to add the porch roof.... Sorry, I wish I could help more- Good luck! -Paul
  2. Hello, I tried a number of ways within the software to create a vaulted ceiling porch roof with the software. It appears there is a necessity within the code to have supporting walls in place before creating a roof. I was looking at supporting posts integral with a deck system and the software would not play nice with what I was thinking so I went old school and hauled out all my dad's drafting tools and started populating paper. I was able to scale everything properly and the deck and porch roof are now standing. Soon railings and new steps will be in place and it will be populated with family and friends. The software was very valuable in planning interior remodels as well as looking at exterior finish options on the house but fell short on the porch project.
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  5. I am new to Dream plan and trying to model my home to illustrate future improvements slated for this year. When I create outer walls and try to affix a roof, it seems I can only place a roof with (4) pitched sides. I own a story and a half home with peek all the way to each (long) end of the home. How can I create: 1) second story walls at each end of the model with angle to represent roof pitch? and 2) create roof on top of that, and 3) will I be able to create dormers on top of that roof as illustrated on the software packaging shown on the ad page?? Any help would be greatly appreciated- Paul-
  6. dream plan home design

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