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  1. I sync the apps daily in order to see the changes in stock. Tamara
  2. nehshardware

    Tax Exempt

    I like each and every update that Copper has...and I am working through the glitches between Inventoria and Express Invoice, but within the context of Copper, is there a way to choose tax-exempt? I have a hardware store and many customers are farmers, ect. and they have supplied the paperwork for tax-exempt. It would be so much easier to do it in Copper rather than Express Invoice - is it possible?
  3. I imported the file again before I realized that I had formulas in the cells.....so I fixed all of that and now I am importing again......keeping my fingers crossed that my problems are solved! Thank you for your reply!!
  4. After importing the csv file, set up with the correct headings and matching them.....not all the data was imported. The cost price and sale price is missing as well as the sales tax. Any ideas? I really hate to have to go back and re-do 8,000 products to include the missing pieces. Tamara NEHSHARDWARE
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