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  1. Greetings Everyone,


    We apologize for the difficulties you are experiencing, and are working on a solution. Any information you are willing and able to provide about the computers on which this problem is occurring would be much appreciated. If anyone experiencing this bug is willing to install a debug version and send in a trace file, it would help tremendously. If you would like to help in this manner, please let me know.



    Also, while we are attempting to fix the problem, it will probably help you to know that when MEO is run as a command line tool it does not have this problem. I know it's not quite as convenient, but at least you can get your data.


    I ran this on the DOS command line and still did not work.

  2. I am having this problem on a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bi Gateway with dual core AMD processor. All software is up to date. The self extracting ME *exe worked fine when created a year ago. Only just now trying decrypt I get the msg "empty passwords not accepted". Downloaded another v.2.17 and still will not open the file. No luck with the Menu X either.

  3. Yes, same problem, MEO encrypted *exe file worked fine when I created it a year ago, now when I enter the password it returns the msg about not accepting an empty password, Hope I can resole the problem son as there are my previous 4 years of tax forms encoded there.


    I will try Menu X whatever that is.


    Thanks forum people for being here so I know I am not alone with this!

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