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  1. PhotoPad doesn't store any data, so the only file that you'd have to back up would be the installation file located in C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\PhotoPad

    The filename is photopadsetup_v6.23.exe for the current version 


  2. It sounds like the video codec isn't supported, which with most container formats wouldn't affect being able to play the audio. For supported codecs, you should be able to see the video:


  3. We have an open bug for that issue filed with our development team, and it should be fixed in the next release. I can add you to the "watchers list", so that you'll be updated when the bug has been fixed. 

  4. TRx is no longer under development. If we do release a new version, the best way to be informed is to subscribe to our newsletter at www.nchsoftware.com/software/newsletter.html or by following @nchsoftware on Twitter. 


    You can change the font size in Keyblaze's Options:


    You'd have to adjust your display resolution to enlarge the keyboard.

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