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  1. By the time Big Sur is released in the fall, we should have a compatible version of SoundTap. We can't say whether the current version will work or whether we'll have to do a new release.

  2. Express Scribe doesn't have a backup feature. I'd recommend backing up your files before loading them into Express Scribe.  If you want to access a file that has been previously loaded, it would be in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\Scribe\Current where User is your Windows username but Express Scribe converts the file to .wav format and it assigns a random filename.

  3. Watermark is only available via the Batch Editor. You'd open the Batch Editor, select your files, and select Watermark from the last of effects to apply.

    If you'd like to see Watermark added to PhotoPad outside of the Batch Editor, then  please file your suggestion at http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/index.html. That's the easiest way to ensure that your idea is evaluated for possible inclusion in a future release. 



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