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  1. Hi Josh,

    The option to insert an image into a post using the Insert other media tab is missing in the VP forum. The only option that comes up when the tab is clicked now is the disabled Insert existing attachment.  Simply typing in the URL to display an image is to be defunct as well.

    It's understood that spam is a problem!  Yet most other forums I visit seem to be able to filter the junk while enabling these features.  It surely would be useful if attachments were allowed. Perhaps permission exceptions could be made for known forum participants?

    Best, borate

    1. N_C_H_josh


      Hi Borate

      I've created a new member group that's allowed to post attachments, and I've added you that group. Let's see if that works and how it goes. I want select individuals to be able to post, but there needs to be some security too.



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