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  1. Hi How can I create a library of individual voices, based on modifications made in EFFECTS>VOICE? As an audiobook narrator I need to create a whole range of different characters in books. I want to add a library of vocal changes (based on my voice) that I can attribute to different characters during the post-edit. It would be extremely helpful if there were a pre-set range of specific voices that I could add, delete and edit and associate with an audiobook project.
  2. Ok...so I applied a wee bit of the high pass filter and that seems to have worked. Cleaned up the "muddiness".
  3. Hi I am using Wavepad 5.68 to record audio book and other spoken word materials. I need to clean up the files and remove a "muddy" bass. I am currently normalising the files and then equalising them. But I am not that familiar with the correct settings. You can hear a sample here: https://soundcloud.c...k-sampler-needs Any help gratefully accepted Thanks for your time Ian Miller
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