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  1. Hey, Novice! I'm new too! So, how did you hook your sax up to your computer (or?) I have guitar and keyboard and saxes, too. Press practicer to see what it does (not plugged in, since I don't see any instructions on HOW), and all I get is mistake after mistake on the practicer! Of course, this is right, because I'm not playing along with it ! I WOULD use it, but don't know where to plug in. I have a guitar amp hooked up to the computer (great sound for Netflix, etc!) but probably need an adapter to plug into smaller input jack (laptop). Whatcha think? I'm almost totally iliterate in this stuff, so I'm not much help to you, except for empathy! sorry. How did you connect to your device? Had really good results with the crescendo music notation editor, during the 1st quarter of the Super Bowl---wrote a little ditty about it starting off funnier than a Roadrunner Cartoon, and sent it up to Washington for a friend! So, I know this stuff works, once you figure it out ! By the way, do you try effects and stomp boxes with your sax? Alot of distortion, and a wah-pedal makes my flute sound raunchier than Jimmy Page's guitar on Led Zep stuff ! Fun on sax, too ! Have fun, Bro'! Happy Easter !
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