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  1. Did some checking and here's what happens during my CTD: 1. usually occurs during thumbnail loading on the timeline; most often while doing things with clips, other times doing nothing in VP at all 2. the file cache.cmdt is wrecked (usually only 1k remains) Obviously, with no valid cache.cmdt, the project itself is no longer intact. A restoration of cache.cmdt from a backed up file restores the project and allows work to continue. In case anyone is wondering, cache.cmdt is found here: %appdata%\NCH Software\VideoPad Using Process Monitor, I see that VP makes extensive use of
  2. My BSOD's are probably driver (and/or Windows) related. If it's a hardware problem, then it's existed from day one of my build in Dec. 2012 using all new components. While certainly possible, evidence against the theory is in the 8.1 upgrade having significantly reduced the BSOD's with the same hardware (and same drivers right after the upgrade, btw). It seems MS did something to make 8.1 more agreeable to my system. Of course, it's also possible my W8 install got corrupted, which could have caused any number of issues, and a rewrite over that with 8.1 could have cleaned up some nastine
  3. Hi. Rarely do I experience BSOD with other graphics apps, including modern games (e.g., DCS sim, Battlefield), viewers (VLC, et al) and other editors. The upgrade from W8 Pro to W8.1 Pro has reduced the overall number/frequency of BSOD's, but I still get them once in a while. The BSOD reasons given by 8.1 Pro -- during VP and other app use -- vary; examples are kernel security check failure, NTFS file system, and my personal fav IRQL not less or equal. It was driving me nuts in W8 Pro. MS obviously fixed a few things in 8.1 Pro, thankfully. I'll have to play around with VP some mor
  4. I compared build and render times of VideoPad to Movie Maker (just as an example and because I happen to still have it installed). Project stats: video resolution: 1280x720 video length: 5 hrs 38 mins .mov clips: 147 edits: none other programs running: none VideoPad: build time (all clip progress bars on timeline green): ≈ 1 hour CPU load during output render: average 99% .mov out (H264, rate factor at default (23.0), 30fps): 1:1 movie/render ratio (every second of video takes 1 second to render) = 5 hrs 38 mins render time (or close to it) .mov out (H264, rate factor 1.0, 30f
  5. Unfortunately, even Save as to a secondary backup file under a different name and on a different drive doesn't prevent loss. VP is wiping out its own cache during the crashes, despite cache clearing options being unchecked. I'll add a heads-up to those who may overlook it: ensure any cleanup utilities (Wise Disk Cleaner, et al) are not configured to delete the VP cache files. This isn't the problem in my case, just thought I'd mention it. Unfortunately, I'm getting no prompt upon reopening VP that offers to report the crashes. edit: I'm periodically backing up the cache (loca
  6. I grabbed this program the other day to try it out and, although I like the interface and the fact that it lets me directly edit my camera's .mov files, it's at present ultimately worthless for me because of the random crashes that trash my project files. I worked for hours recently on a sequence of videos and VP worked well until suddenly and for no apparent reason, it crashed to desktop. When I reopened VP and loaded in the auto-saved project, it was toast and VP proceeded to import all the clips again (s-l-o-w) and I lost my previously saved edits; it was as if I had begun an entirely
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