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  1. I just got FF working and tried out one of the examples (the FMT shortcut), following along in the documentation. I then tried a second item (for the "TXT " shortcut). I got a dialog box "Paid Version Required" that indicated that my "Trial usage [was] exceeded." Really?!?!? The trial is limited to exercising ONE shortcut in the preloaded examples? I would like to be able to, at the least, work through the material in the tutorial before purchasing. Is that too much to ask?
  2. I found where this item is now located in Mavericks. System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility There the option is now by application, rather than being a universal checkbox. Check the box for FastFox.
  3. I have downloaded FF and am trying it out. I appear to NOT be able to get past its launch, as follows. When FF starts, it brings up a dialog box saying "FastFox requires that Assistive Devices is turned on." (and then a short paragraph describing how this is located in System Preferences). It even launches System Preferences. Sadly, what is described is for the OS **BEFORE** Mavericks. In Mavericks, there is something named "Accessibility" (rather than "Universal Access") and, so far, I have NOT been able to locate any checkbox for "Enable access for assistive devices" to check (as I c
  4. When I click on HELP in Express Scribe, the HTML opens (as the index.html file) in Dreamweaver rather than in one of my browsers. (Yes, I understand WHY this is happening ... I have html files set to open with Dreamweaver as the default.) What I need is a way to do the equivalent of an "Open with..." on the ES Help file(s) so that I can direct them to open with Safari rather than Dreamweaver. Any ideas?
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