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  1. I have used CamStudio 2.7 r316 I looked at OCam but it can not capture an application window, but restricts itself to fixed 16:9 or 4:3 formats. So your imported will do fine. As I suggested, the error is probably due to with non standard formats.
  2. I understand what it should do, But .... This is what I get from the original file, So it did scale, but with a wrong line length. http://batterycondit...DynLoad_Org.png And this is after resizing to 720x576 http://batterycondit...DynLoad_720.png
  3. When I make a screen recording, the recorded file has an 'abnormal' width and height (like 1531 x 988). After importing, the image is out-of-line-sync. Only after converting (using ffmpeg) to a 'standard' size it can read. But then a lot of the resolution is lost in the process. I don't even know what 'standard' sizes are supported by VideoPad... Is there a good work-around, or even better, a bug-fix? PS. Moviemaker 6 imports this without problems. I am using VideoPad Professional V3.12
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