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  1. I have Express Accounts Version 4.73 for MAC. I am having issues with it freezing and greying out all icons when I try to open a Purchase Order created. This may be a bug issue and perhaps has been sorted with a new upgrade however on the NCH website I can't find any way to check if I have the latest version or to find and download new upgrades. If I type into search "upgrade" I just get the page to Up price my program, not helpful as I have paid the premium support package but I'm still waiting for a reply to my Tech Support question. At the moment I am having to force quit the program. Are there any upgrades? How do I find them? Is there another solution for my issue? Hope someone can help me as I'm very frustrated with this problem. Thanks, Helen
  2. Hi, Kittykat I just bought a Mac and had to download the new version. How did you revert back to the old version and can I do this on a Mac?
  3. Hi I have just changed from a PC to a Mac and I don't like the new layout either. I also have a large gap under the items meaning if I have a lot of items to invoice I also get it printed on two pages. Can I remove this gap somehow? All my columns are displayed but if I could change the column size then it would print less lines and probably all fit on the one page perhaps. Can anyone advise a solution please ? I purchased a Gold support package but when requesting support there is only a tick box for platinum support, so I feel like I wasted my money. Any advice for how to get my support to me would be appreciated also. Also the tutorials need to be renewed to show a MAC layout on the screen not a PC layout. Starting to wish I had not renewed my sub with NCH!
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