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  1. I posed the same question as a pre-sales question and received the following response from NCH: Express Accounts runs on a rolling year. That is to say, there is no function in which to end or close a financial year at its conclusion. Unlike some other accounting software products, Express Accounts does not work on current year earnings and retained earnings basis, but rather the retained earnings account is an ongoing account that records any money earned or lost during previous financial years in addition to current year earnings. This means that the retained earnings account in Express Accounts is a record of all the money to date that the company has earned. Not the answer that I was hoping to receive, but I can create a journal entry to clear the sales and expense accounts and dump it to a retained earnings account. I really hope that this is corrected in the near future. For all of the nice features that Express Accounts has, this seems to be a real miss in my opinion. Hope this helps. Kevin
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