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  1. I know you were covering a basic by asking this, but, yes, it was done on both devices. The setup was also verified when I contacted AAA Dictation. I am about ready to send it back and get my money back, so I can find something which will work - two in a row which will not work consistently??? WHY? It is so frustrating! If I were transcribing for a job, this would have been gone a week ago and a new one would be in its place. I am transcribing class notes from lecture and trying to get by with what I have at the moment.
  2. I have tried two different Infinity IN-USB-2 pedals, both of which do not work well with my foot, which was honed on Dictaphone and Sony equipment. The problem: I stop listening for a few seconds by lifting my foot from the pedal, and then push the middle of the pedal to restart the recording - except it won't start. I move my foot to change the position of my toe on the pad - and nothing happens, even with repeated attempts and various foot positions. Sometimes I can hit the reverse or forward and things will resume, and other times the playback just won't resume regardless of what I do.
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