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  1. HI!! please help!! I have a barcode scanner, but when i scan items, it doesnt pick up to add to the 'item code' bit in the 'add a new item' section or 'Enter item code' section?? It would be annoying for me if I was to 'enter the code' every time on a new transaction order. Hence I ask here if I can scan the barcode from my barcode scanner to the actual product item? ... so then it comes up on the screen order automatically, rather then me entering the item code of my items to show up. Hope the above is clear? if not, please do let me know. Thanks! Hope to hear from you very soon.
  2. When I add new items..it asks for the item code first, which is fine. But when i use my barcode scanner to a product barcode reader, it doesn't work pick it up?! Why is that? How can I make my barcode scanner work here to detect my stocks when i add new items?? Many thanks
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